American Psychological Association – provides information about various topics in the field of psychology.

National Institute of Mental Health – provides information about mental health diagnoses and treatment.

Psychology Today – provides information about various topics in the field of psychology, as well as provides a directory of therapists throughout the country.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America – provides helpful information about anxiety-based and depressive diagnoses, treatment, published resources, and support groups in your area.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – provides information about anxiety-based, depressive, and bipolar diagnoses, treatment, and support groups in your area.


National Alliance on Mental Illness: San Diego – provides information about support groups for clients and their families, as well as other mental health resources available in the community.

San Diego Domestic Violence Council – provides resources for the victims of domestic violence, such as food, shelter, legal assistance, crisis intervention services, and support for children.

San Diego Parent Connection – a helpful tool for parents that lists parenting classes, family friendly events in the community, childcare, playgroups, kid friendly restaurants, parks, beaches, and other helpful parenting information.

California Divorce Support – provides information about legal resources, as well as divorce support groups in the community.

Grief and Loss Support Groups

Sharp Clinic’s Grief and Loss Groups – “Sharp HospiceCare’s Bereavement Department provides grief education, support and referral services throughout San Diego. Our staff of skilled mental health professionals specializes in bereavement and aims to increase community awareness about grieving. Support groups are provided free of charge. Donations are graciously accepted.”

Substance Abuse/Dependence

Note: please keep in mind that this is only a small list of available substance abuse/ dependence treatment options in the community. Please talk to Dr. Kholodova about the treatment that might be appropriate for you.

SMART Recovery – substance abuse/ dependence treatment that uses a cognitive behavioral approach. This site provides a list of treatment groups throughout San Diego. There is also one group offered for family and friends of those who are struggling with substance abuse /dependence.

Alcoholics Anonymous: San Diego – alcohol abuse/ dependence treatment that uses a 12-step theoretical model. This site provides a list of AA groups throughout San Diego. It also provides a link to the AA-related publications and general information.

San Diego Narcotics Anonymous – drug abuse/ dependence treatment that uses a 12-step theoretical model. This site provides a list of NA groups in San Diego.

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Health Alliance – provides information about postpartum support groups in San Diego.

Mindfulness/Relaxation (for current clients)

Current Clients: Dr. Kholodova teaches mindfulness, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques when she works with stress, anxiety, and depression. The following are some resources for mindfulness and relaxation exercises that Dr. Kholodova may incorporate into your treatment. Please talk to Dr. Kholodova before utilizing any meditation/relaxation techniques listed below.

The Mindfulness Revolution, edited by Barry Boyce and the editors of the Shambhala Sun – this text introduces the reader to the many benefits of mindfulness.

UCSD Center for Mindfulness: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Page – provides guided audio meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation: Body Scan by Lara Patriquin, M.D. (  

Deer Park Monastery – offers mindfulness days on Sundays.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – please talk to Dr. Kholodova before downloading this relaxation exercise.

Wheel of Awareness – Dan Siegel’s meditation exercise.